Using methods backed by scientific studies, serial tech-entrepreneur reveals his... 

Proven 5-minute morning routine to a more productive, happy and fulfilled life.

This free eBook details an easy-to-adopt 5-step morning routine done by thousands of successful people — that will help you; 

  • ​Plan and achieve your dreams everyday.
  • ​Increase your happiness and fulfillment.
  • ​Boost your drive and productivity.
  • ​Accelerate your self-growth

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Personal growth and success starts with the right plan.

Successful people almost always talk about using a daily journal. It's the drawing board to map out dreams and work towards achieving them.

I decided to start my daily journal. Here's what happened...

It sucked big time.

I struggled with writing everyday when I first started out. I just couldn't figure out what to jot down, the length of the content, how to organize my entries and a bunch of other issues. It was too overwhelming.

After months of trial and error, I finally perfected a journaling technique that works. And I'm sharing it with you.

#BOOST is an easy-to-use journaling framework designed to help you start your mornings right, identify your dreams and plan to achieve them.

When you start BOOSTING, you'll trade 5 minutes everyday for increased productivity and a more fulfilled life. 


5 steps to a successful day

By following the 5-minute #BOOST routine every morning, you'll be able to identify the dreams that make the most impact in your life and stay motivated all day to crush them.

It's a way of fine-tuning your mindset so you accomplish more, stay happy and get closer to the best version of yourself. 


List out EVERYTHING that you have to do. 


Connect the dream related to each task, and visualize it.


Assign specific time frames during the day to complete each task.


Take note where you messed up yesterday.


Write everything you are grateful for.

Why #BOOST works

Always remember what's important.

When you identify and write out important tasks for the day, they'll stick to your memory and according to a recent scientific research, you'll be less anxious to get them done.

The first activity, Bucket, will help you outline and remember your plans.

This way you never miss important tasks that would improve your life. And your mind will be better primed to achieving those dreams.

Stay motivated to achieve your dreams.

Where there's a will, there's a way. After listing out each task, the next step is figuring out why you need to get them done.

By writing out and visualizing the Outcome of each task — and how it benefits you, you get to virtually live that dream moment.

Psychology experts at Harvard have established that the brain doesn’t differentiate between a real memory and a visualized one. That means you can trick your brain to having “experience” with a situation — thereby increasing self-confidence and your chances of success when faced with the actual task.

Less work. More results.

It's easy to get distracted and do things that aren't productive.

When you organize your tasks and assign specific time frames to get them done, you'll avoid wasting time on unnecessary activities.

The third step, Organize, will help you stick to a solid plan and get more done without losing focus — while saving lots of precious time.

Why is this activity so effective? Numerous studies have proven that tracking your progress can boost your performance.

You'll avoid costly mistakes.

It's true we all make mistakes.

But what we can do is learn from and avoid repeating them. That's what the fourth step, Self-learnings, helps you does.

A recent study shows that by recognizing and recording your mistakes for the day, you'll realize what went wrong and remember not to repeat them. The increased awareness will help you better handle  similar situations.

This process will exponentially push you down the path of your best self.

You'll feel happier and more fulfilled.

Ever feel like things could've been way better?

The Thankfulness section will help you realize the progress you've made and the things to be thankful for.

According to experts at Harvard, when you start seeing how far you've come instead of what's missing, you'll feel happier and more fulfilled.

And there's no better way to start your day than in a happy mood with #BOOST. Research shows you'll keep that good vibe all day.

See what others are saying about #BOOST

"It helped me become more productive, focus better, and keep track of my progress"
I started the BOOST routine 2 months ago and it's the first thing I do every morning while drinking my coffee. It helped me figure out my goals daily and keep track of my progress.

I noticed I've been more productive, focus better on tasks and it's easy for me to see how much I've achieved."

Jeremy L. (Co-founder, CEO, LiveLike)
"I've been able to keep track of my goals and progress which motivates me to perform better."
Being an overachiever and an entrepreneur, I often get caught up and overwhelmed with loads of tasks everyday. Since I started boosting every morning, I've been able to keep track of my goals and the progress I've made — which motivates me to perform better.

The #BOOST system kind of opened eyes to the things I'm blessed with. It's amazing!!

Katie D. (Co-founder, COO, Citizen)

Why am I giving this to you?

I'm a serial tech entrepreneur recognized by The Miami Herald, TNW, Inc., Endeavor and others.

I'm not out to just make money and build multiple companies. I'm committed to directly touching and impact people's lives with what I learned trying to accomplish my own dreams.

It all started with a frustration of not finding actionable knowledge that teaches you the foundation of what makes any dream come true.

So I started building scientifically-proven tools that actually work for action-takers like you.

These tools are designed to help you achieve your dreams, transform your life and become the best version of yourself — kind of like being your own life coach.

#BOOST is one of those tools.

After going through a dark phase of lack of purpose and direction in my life, the #BOOST routine helped put me back on the path of success.

And I'm sharing it with you for free.

Guy Lelouch

What are you waiting for?

Don't hold back. Let the world enjoy your most elevated self.
Take charge of your life, set your dreams and start crushing them.

Download the Free #BOOST Journal template to get started.

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